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PiggyPals' Fine Sanctuary
Northern California

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About sponsership....

These pigs are fortunate to be in a place like PiggyPals Fine Sanctuary where they are loved and cared for by Janet . Many have never known human kindness before coming here. Some were abused, some simply ignored.

Sponsorship is simple. For $10.00 per month you can help buy the food and medical attention so desperately needed. Your new piggy will be online along with your name and any information you'd like to provide.

Just send your name, email address and phone number along with your prefered method of payment to the address above. You'll be given all the information about your new pig and can begin your journey into the potbellied pig world.

*Please call Janet directly for adoption information.

This is Josh.

This is Scotty.

Little Boy is a wonderful sweet pig that needs a sponsor or is adoptable to a piggy lover that would be able to adopt him and his 2 best friends that he has been with for more than 3 years. His friends are Cassie and Tabatha....


Hammy was another abandoned pig. He was left with an elderly lady. The owners said they would be back to get him in 2 weeks. 7 months later they had never returned for him and could not be contacted. The lady called because she was very ill and had to go into a convalescent home so she could no longer care for him. He is 2 years old and a very sweet pig. He can be adopted or needs a sponsor. He came to the sanctuary on June 3rd and has fit right in with the other two latest arrivals, Petunia and Phyllis who's time had run out with the SPCA in Sacramento. They had been there since January from an animal abuse case. They did not give me all the details. They (SPCA) had set the dead line on them for June 13. I drove down and got them on the 12th. They are super sweet, particularly Petunia, who is somewhat crippled because her legs are to short. But no matter she is adorable. I think that Phyllis may be petunia's mother. There is a lot of similarities in them. They could be adopted but they should stay together. I would rather see them sponsored because they seem so contented and happy here. Priscilla, is 4 yrs. old and doesn't trust anyone, except me, to touch her. She came to us with a injured back and could barely pull herself around. I really babied her during her recovery and I guess that is when she learned to trust me. That was over 3 yrs. ago. She fully recovered from her injury. She is in need of a sponsor.

I would like to extend a very special thank you to the following people for all their support:

Melodie Annis

Phyllis Battoe

Jude Eggleston

Rhonda Adler

Dale & Julie Rieser

Pet Guardian

Without the kindness and generosity from friends like these who give their time, expertise and financial support my job would be alot harder.