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Our sponsors make a difference

Junior is being sponsored by Marcie

Winston Fine is being sponsored by Julie & Dale Rieser. Julie and Dale have a pig named Jackson and administer PigPals listserver.

This is Rosanne, she's being sponsored by Phyllis Battoe, who is the glue that helps hold PigPals together. She's a humane officer, and a judge for NCOPP. Phyllis has a rescue in Illinois called PigPals

Chelie is sponsored by Janis Holm, who is also pigmom to Stanley & Oliver. Janis is a member of PigPals

Timmy is being sponsored by Rhonda Adler. Rhonda is a member of PigPals and has a piggy named Pugsley.

Suzzi is sponsored by Richard and Holly Sears. They were the hero's in Suzzi's rescue. She was a very sad girl that was extremely thin and had a terrible case of mange. She is now becoming a very pretty pig.

JR is sponsored by Jude Eggleston. He is one of our original rescue pigs. His condition was so bad that we had doubts of his survival. It was some months before we felt he was well enough to be neutered. He is a purely delightful "old man" and a real pleasure to have at our sanctuary. He loves everyone and expects the same in return....

Hammy is being sponsored by Mikki Giammatteo

Pet Guardian is sponsor-mom for both Penelope and Petunia



If you would like to learn more about becoming a sponsor contact....


Porcinus Sanctum

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