Pigs and their Pals page 2

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Roscoe Curran's best pal is Jiff!

Miss Sophie Sue Plumb and her "man".

Miss Sophie Sue.........are you my mommy?

Sophie Sue Plumb in her Easter Bonnet

Miss Sophie Sue Plumb, with friends Harley Dee and Dinky.

Deb, Danny and their newly adopted pig from Janet Fine's Piggy Pals sanctuary

Danny gives his new friend a smooch!

Meri's boys love to cuddle together

Meri's boys are best pals!

Maggie naps with her pal

Arthur's got a kitty pal

Snoot to snoot & belly to belly, Hanna and Harley are the definition og PigPals

Harley sure loves his mommy, aka, our very own shark Susan