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Hello, I'm Shinobi Giammatteo. I hail from Texas and just went through a tough time. As you can see from this pigture, I was incapacitated for quite a few months. My mommy (Mikki) hauled me everywhere I wanted to go in my own personal wagon. She stayed right by my side even when I was a grumpy pigger and I really owe her alot. I dedicate this page to her.

This is me now. After all the tender loving care, I can go back to doing my favorite things like rooting, munching grass (or ANY morsel I might find) and generally just enjoy my life.

Of course all my friends have been very supportive too. Farrah is the Blue Merle, Gabby the Dalmation and my biggest supporter and body guard, Kelly who is a beautiful Black Tri-color Aussie.

Now here's a prime example of Aussie's skills. No stranger in their right mind would try to steal my place on this bed.

While you're here basking in my extraordinary good looks, you can feel free to write me and express your appreciation by clicking here:

Here's some links to my favorite sites on the web.

My Godchild Pig Lu and her Mom Cindy

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Here's the place we call home on the web, PigPals!!

This is a WAY COOL publication that my mommy's friend Julie publishes.

Emma Louise (she's a pig of great fortune!)

Nellie Star Valentine "shows" her stuff on this page.

This is Lana's page. She's got her hands full with AbbyD most of the time.

Well that's all for now