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Precious Memories

how they linger...



HamR Forkner January 29, 1993 - August 5, 1993

Cute as a button and black as coal. Little piggy of mine, we all miss you so.

Forkner's Porkers HamR #1
August 5th is a very sad day.
Memories flood back of my first little piggy
who has long since passed away.
So cute, so smart with those flashing eyes,
were not so flashing the night you died.

Your pal Charlie, a cat you see, was saying her good-byes,
she knew you were going before even me.
She hugged you tight the whole day through and hasn't gotten close to another piggy pal, she loved you the most don't you see.

That awful day not so long ago when I heard my vet say "there in nothing more I can do for him,
I really tried, I did my best."
He was as sad as we were too, he didn't want to give up but there wasn't anything more anyone could do.

It was hard for me to let you go after such a valiant fight and I shall never forget that awful long, long night.
I heard you breathing at the foot of my bed, your cute little antics running through my head.

I've taken on more to love it is true and I love them dearly but not as much as I did you.
You were so special and I do miss you.

Snortimer P. Diefenbacon
Jan. 9 1991 - Sep. 26, 1996
I'll always love you.... Mommy

I Remember You, Chubby One

In these busy times of ours
When "hurry up"" 's the trend
It's hard to find time to ourselves
To play, have fun, make friends.

But that all changed for life at once That day, now long gone past
When I brought you home, cuddled in my lap
A brand new pig, at last!

We didn't know quite what to make
Of each other's company
Well, I was quite afraid for you
And you were scared of me.

It wasn't long 'fore the sound of my voice
Would make you come running to see
To check if I had a treat or two
It was such fun for me.

I remember the day you caught your tusk
In Mr. Starkey's fence
And the time I thought you ate a mouse
THAT didn't make much sense!

I remember the times I came to you
Feeling sad or in despair
It never failed to cheer me up
Just being with you there.

I'm sitting here remembering
All that you gave to me
But all I had to offer back
Was love and sanctuary.

And now nearly a year's gone by
Since I saw your smiley face
Or touched your cheek or heard you grunt
Or shared a muddy embrace.

Beyond this plane, where your soul has gone
I hope there's a giant fridge
For you to raid, as you wait for me
There by the Rainbow Bridge.

in memory of our loving pet pigs
Margaret Timms

In Loving Memory of Tooney

Dear Tooney,

When I got the call that you needed a new home, I was scared. I had seen a potbelly pig perhaps twice in my life. When we went to pick you up, you were so obese..they had been feeding you garbage..and you had a filthy house, and your belly drug on the ground. Yet, I saw pride...such pride..and we took you home. You screamed and screamed and for the longest time, we couldnt touch you.

I remember the day you had the babies we didnt know to expect. Funny little aliens we had to warm and then return to you. They all died, excet for one..and we took her from you and raised her in the house. She is loved and safe, and we named her Zoyla. You shared a nest with her again, as she got older.

Did you see her cry when you died? That awful morning I found you away from your nest, and already at the bridge? I didnt have a chance to say goodbye to you...but I think you knew that you were loved. We had shared belly rubs and treats..after a year, your weight was normal..and you were happy for those months before you left us. You loved Zoyla and she loved snuggled and shared food...she screamed and moaned with a noise I had not heard until then and I havent heard since , when you died, but she showed me how much you were loved by her..and by us. Zoyla has a friend now, Lily..but I know she misses her mom.

I miss you, too...your pride and dignity, your love and the fact that you finally trusted us..You were pure pleasure, Tooney..and you brought me into the wonderful world of piggys and all of the joy you and Zoyla and Lily brought me. Thank you, sweet one, for that precious gift! I miss you more than you can imagine, My Tooney Pig. I was never mom to you, but I was your loved me, but from a distance..and that was beautiful..that fit you so well!