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Here are pictures of Lucy and her babies born on April 6, 1997. Only five remain and they are:
Hambone (the last to be born and the largest white with black on rump)
LillieMae (White and the runt of the litter with black right behind the ears)
Hormel (white with black butt) and Snubby (black) both are twins and was born at the exact same time and last but not least, Rodey (black)

They all need loving homes but remember they will grow up. Mother, Lucy is all black with long snout and weighs about 65# at 2 yrs old.

This is AbbyD who lives in Ft Myers FL with Dick and Lana. AbbyD is 2 yrs old and loves people and loves to talk. She is nicknamed the Mouth because she never shuts up and she does love to make Gordy live hard. She weighs about 130 lbs.

My name is Gordy and I am the apple of my families eyes. I am 2 yrs old and weigh 188#. I sleep with my daddy every night and I'm very spoiled. I do tricks like, wave, shake hands, sit, turn circles and give very good wet kisses and love to ride in the van.

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