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Best coat.
Whether your pig has long hair or no hair, if you think that this is the prettiest or most handsome coat known to pigs, enter it!!!!
Click here for some cool coats!

Best tail.
Who's pig has the longest tail? Most unusual? No tail at all?
Click here for Tails!

Buns of Squeal
The best pig butt on the net will take first prize here.
Click here to see Pig Butts!

Cute Snoot
This will be almost as hard as best butt. Let's see who will win by a nose.
Click here to see Snoots!

Best Jowls
Great big fat ones. Itty bitty cute ones.
Click here for Jowls!

That's right. Pictures of a pigs best pal will go here. Is it a mom, dad, or another pig? Send your Pigs Pals pictures and we'll take a look. I'll bet we get some interesting entries.
Click here to see the piggies Pals

Blue Ribbons will be awarded along with runner up prizes. The judging will be done by NCOPP Judge Phyllis Battoe.

Entry fee's are $1.00 per entry. You may enter as many catagories as many times as you wish. Send any pictures you want scanned and make your entry fee payable to:
Julie Rieser
137 Williams Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43207
Or send your photos in .gif or .jpg format to

All proceeds will go to Janet Fine's "PiggyPals Sanctuary" and Jesse Hadaway's "Porcinus Sanctum".

Deadline for entries is May 31, 1997.
Winners will be picked June 1, 1997 and announced on June 2nd.
Good Luck!!!