CyberPigs Coat Page

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Cloe Fine's smooth coat

Clyde Piatkowski

Clyde's our handsome Ossabow boar with a long black coat that he doesn't blow every season.

Fred Piatkowski

This old guy, Fred, has a coat that reminds me of that little wooly mammouth that the Flintstones used as a vacuum cleaner.

Pugsley Adler

Priscilla Forkner's shiny coat

Big Arnie Battoe

Min Jen Battoe's pretty coat & hat

Norman's got a long coat

Norman has snoot & caot here!

Norman cools his coat

Rosie Curran shows off her coat

Hanna Eastwood spends hours making sure every bristle is in place on her pretty coat

Harley Eastwood won't be outdone, his beautiful California coat shines