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Welcome to Bodie's Page!

This is me, Bodie Perez

pretty darned cute, huh?

Hi, my name is Bodie Perez. I live in Sunnyside, Washington with my mommy Shannon. I thought you might enjoy seeing various really cute pigtures of me!

And if you get time, maybe you could Email my mommy and tell her I need more treats. All the work I do around here makes me very hungry.

I usually start my day by looking for "stray" morsels and making sure they are all picked up and eaten. I'm such a good helper.

Here I am being a good piggy and sharing my bed with a litter of kittens.

Kitty sitting is a hard job so I need to take a nap and refresh myself.

Whew! That nap really wore me out....better lay here and wait for my dad to get home. Check back here often! My mommy takes alot of pigtures....and of course another one of my many jobs is to pose!

Send my mommy mail