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Binki and Margaret enjoy some quiet time.

Yo herd!

Well, the big day finally arrived. Mom celebrated her 50th birthday and a good time was had by all. Everyone except me, that is).
Mom was late bringing my breakfast cause Dad made her a lovely breakfast and special coffee and here I was in the gloomy office...the only sound was the rrrrr of the heater fan and the rumbling of my empty tummy. I expected at least eggs and toast but NO, pellets, pellets, pellets. phtooey! And then the people started to arrive. TONS of people...I could hear them in the driveway laughing and talking. It was a long time before anyone came to see me ...when they weren't in visiting Mom they were outside shoving burning white sticks into their faces and breathing out clouds of smoke. Yuk.
I almost couldn't eat the popcorn they gave me. I had to gag it down and I would have refused to eat it if I wasn't already feeling quite deprived. Finally some REAL people arrived...the grandkids. Now THEY know how to hand out the treats!!! I always run to them when I hear them coming. I love to sing with Tara. I had popcorn and candies and I got a sip of milk and some cookies. Now that's MY kinda birthday!
All was going swimmingly until Mom came out and caught Nicky giving me a little bit of chocolate. EEEYYYYUMMMMYYYYY! Mom said NO! NO CHOCOLATE. I shook my head...Yep! Chocolate! Gimme chocolate. Yummy yummy chocolate. Mom yanked a piece right out of my mouth. I tried to grab it back, but Mom was too fast for me. I was NOT impressed. Nicky begged Mom to let me eat it, but she refused. She said I would get sick and Nicky would have to clean up the mess. So I only got popcorn after that.
You wanna hear something REALLY mean? Mom's cake was chlocolate and I didn't even get one bite! Some birthday. Then Mom and Dad went out for supper so I didn't even get a veggie leftover. I can tell you I'm not looking forward to my birthday....I'll probably get a lettuce lunch and no dessert. I am one deprived piggy...I hope all you piggers out there are feeling quite sorry for me in my misery. Remember my motto: whoever eats the fastest gets the mostest. I'm going to my easy chair to dream of grocery shopping with Dad. Hugs and bellyrubs,

*Special thanks to Binki's mom Margaret Timms for allowing Binki the use of her computer.

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